Bridjit Curb Ramps from Denver Smooth Curb

Say goodbye to driveway bumper damage.

Say hello to a professionally installed Bridjit Curb Ramp
from Denver Smooth Curb.


During a recent segment on Great Day Colorado, Jason Patterson discussed the value of Bridjit Curb Ramps in Metro Denver and along the Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.No more spilled coffee, no more scraped bumpers. Our Curb Ramps bridge the gap between the driveway and your street, reducing the impact to your car and occupants by 80%.

Why should you install a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp?


Gentle Driveway Entry & Exit

A Curb Ramp assists in maintaining gas mileage by reducing damage done to steering components, alignment and damage to low profile tires and wheels, lowering maintenance costs and tire wear.

Fits Any Driveway

Modular construction accommodates all driveway shapes and sizes. Including those curved driveways (such as those found on cul de sacs).


Doesn't Block Drainage

The built-in 2.5” channel underneath the ramp allows storm water and snow melt off to flow freely.

Built-in, full length waterway for normal storm water and snow melt off drainage; angled ends aid in guiding excessive water flow and minimizes debris buildup.


Durable & Environmentally Friendly

Curb Ramps from Denver Smooth Curb are made in the USA with recycled tires making them durable, weather resistant and environmentally friendly.

  • An estimated 375 million scrap tires are stockpiled in landfills throughout the United States
  • Our Curb Ramps are manufactured using crumb rubber sourced from recycled tires
  • Each ramp set uses 12 recycled passenger tires, and they are manufactured in the USA

A Curb Ramp from Denver Smooth Curb will immediately enhance your driving experience—every time you use your driveway. Best of all…it’s affordable!